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Rob Frankel
Rob Frankel

Hi there. Ever wonder why your brand isn't perceived by your prospects as "the only solution to their problems?" Or why you keep spending more and getting less? Chances are it's not just your advertising or your marketing that's wrong: it's your flawed (or non-existent) brand strategy.

My name is Rob Frankel, the only man CEO's can call when they're fed up with non-producing marketing tactics and too-slick agencies. In fact, the only branding strategist who can measurably connect brand strategy directly to increases in profits and revenue.

I've been called "the best branding expert on the planet" by Fortune 1000 companies and just about every major media outlet. Sometimes they just lift material from my blog.

I don't care what they've told you: Public relations agencies, design firms, ad agencies, media consultants and bloated branding outfits may think they do branding, but they really don't. They may create awareness for brands or designs for brands, but they don't create implementable strategies that produce tangible increases on your bottom line.

And those are just the first few differences between what I do and what everyone else does.

Branding is not about getting your prospects to choose you over your competition; it's about getting your prospects to perceive you as the only solution to their problem. If they don't see you as the only solution, it means they're still shopping.

The RevengeMy book, The Revenge of Brand X, finally clears up everything you ever wondered about branding and why you should invest in it now, before it costs you more to do it -- or re-do it -- later. It's required reading in marketing agencies and universities around the world and tells you how I turn businesses profitable through branding strategies alone, regardless of economic climate or whether your business is offline or online.

I mainly do consulting, usually for companies who sink zillions of dollars into a websiteor a business and then scratch their heads wondering why it just sits there like a lox. Sometimes it's a corporate War Room Session to get the brand back on track. I also do a fair amount of expert witness work.

If you have any other questions, you can contact me directly or toll-free (throughout North America) at 1-888-ROBFRANKEL.

Thanks for dropping in. By the way, that's a swell tie you're wearing.