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How FrankelCalls/FrankelMails Work

Companies ranging in size from Fortune 1000 to garage start-ups utilize this one-hour, one-on-one phone call session with Rob Frankel to jump start their brand strategies and get them on the road to implemenation.

Real time sessions are by telephone, text, audio or video chat via Skype, AOL Instant Messenger, iChat, MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger.

And yes, it only takes one hour. Because you pay only for actionable time.

You begin by forwarding background material which is reviewed at no charge. Rob reviews your material and your list of pre-arranged questions (so you don't lose time on the actual call). Once the call begins, it's a full-steam, strategic session that doesn't stop for an uninterrupted 60 minutes. Enough focused time to answer all your questions -- and then some.

You may record the call and even follow up with one or two e-mail questions.

You may also choose the FrankelMail consulting package: two hours of e-mail based consulting for the price of one phone call. It's a great way to get your questions answered and prolems solved efficiently.

Choose FrankelCall or FrankelMail and reserve your session by completing this form, which will take to your a secure form once you hit "Submit":

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  Amount: US$500

 Here's what clients have to say about their FrankelCalls:

I just wanted to thank you for the Frankelmail session last month to enable you to use this as a testimonial for other prospective clients. I really wish I had booked a Frankelmail session 6 months ago. My stubborn attitude certainly cost me a lot of money in those 6 months.
I would stake my last $500 (and I practically did) on Rob Frankel turning an individual or business brand around and getting it on the road to producing revenue. So for those people that just cannot commit to spending money or their biz is not clicking, think of Rob Frankel as an investment not a cost.
Rob, best $500 I have ever spent.

Fraser McCulloch
Glasgow, Scotland

Amazing. The Frankel Mail service was simply amazing. As a small business owner, I considered the cost of the Frankel Email service very carefully and the service turned out to be the best bargain I every got. Rob was tremendously insightful and he was a fountain of new ideas. With Rob's help, we now have a Brand, got our Branding on track and headed in the right direction. I highly recommend using Rob Frankel, he is a critical asset to any company.

David LeVine
Warm Wisdom Press

I know these mails may be important as testimonials to the growth of your business. The Frankelcall was well worth the money! Some things are invaluable...your insight, articulation of my problems, and summary-to-action will be the benchmark for my success. Thanks Rob!

Best regards,
Bill Calhoun

Rob helped me a while back and I just received VC capital and management for over $1,000,000. It probably would not have happened without his expert marketing help...thanks Rob.

David Kent

You've really jazzed me up with that brand name; I love it! You're my hero!

Skip Pratt


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