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The Weird Science of Xenologics.


What is Xenologics?

Xenologics is a powerful new problem-solving approach invented by Rob Frankel. This technique yields surprisingly far-reaching and unexpected results, much different from those rendered by traditional linear logic . By applying Xenologics, strategic, marketing, growth and creative challenges can be solved with more efficient, highly productive alternatives.

What kinds of marketing, strategic, creative or growth problems can Xenologics solve?

Because it is a dimensional approach to a linear process, Xenologics can be applied to any analytical situation, be it strategic, marketing or creative. For example, most industries look within their own resources to solve their problems, when searching outside those boundaries is where the solution may lie. The notion of "cross-pollinating" one industry's problems with another's solutions is typically Xenological.

How has Xenologics solved problems for Frankel & Anderson's clients?

As business environments evolve at continually accelerating rates, new opportunities appear where there were none a moment ago. Five years ago, for example, selling audio CDs used to be the exclusive domain of record stores. Today, you can find specially-targeted CDs in your local coffee shop. Whether our clients are nationally-known or promising start-ups, they all face the challenges of planning and implementing their strategies more effectively than their competition. Xenologics reaches beyond "normal" channels and boundaries, producing solutions for Frankel & Anderson clients that are far more resourceful and efficient. This is as true for naming products as it is for funding a company, developing its distribution channels, creating its packaging, its ad campaigns or selecting its media.

Can you give me an example of a Xenological approach to problem solving?

Certainly. Have you ever seen a four-sided triangle? Most people answer "no." But the fact is that everyone has seen a four-sided triangle -- it's called a pyramid. The reason why most people answer "no" is that they have allowed themselves to become complacent with traditional, one-dimensional linear thinking. Xenological thinking applies a multi-dimensional paradigm, expanding the resources available for solutions.

Who benefits from learning Xenologics?

Marketing managers, advertising and public relations directors, corporate planners, product developers -- in fact, just about any decision-maker responsible for strategic and/or creative planning can immediately benefit from Xenologics.

Does Xenologics conform to standard logical requirements?

Of course it does. Xenologics does not run counter to traditional logical reasoning. Quite the contrary, it adheres strictly to the traditional requirements of logic. The difference is that creativity is inherent in Xenologic reasoning, because it requires going outside the normal linear constraints, while remaining focused on its objectives. That's why in advertising, for example, Xenologically-induced ads are more creative, effective and strategically on target than those produced through linear thinking.

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