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FrankelBiz FAQ's


If you're smart, you'll save this message somewhere safe. It's got lots of information.

Revision Date: March 17, 2003

The most recent version of this document can always be retrieved at: http://www.robfrankel.com/frankelbiz/form.html

This FAQ document was created by Rob Frankel, President of Frankel & Anderson, which is responsible for any errors that it may contain. Please send corrections, additions, deletions or questions Contact Us


0. What is FrankelBiz?

FrankelBiz is a moderated email business transaction list devoted to establishing a supportive online business community . It is also home to Rob's regularly published newsletter, in which members receive Rob's latest articles and rants free of charge, along with:

  • Rob's reviews and networking of online business, software/hardware and resources
  • Discount programs for software/hardware and business resources
  • Basic gossip and other professional means of communication

FrankelBiz exists to go beyond the mere discussion of doing business via the internet, to establish a high-level network of ethical associates who may transact business with one another. We are here to do business, instead of whine about it.

In addition to sharing information, list members may enjoy additional benefits, including discounts from participating vendors on products and services offered by our sponsors and participants.

Topics posted on FrankelBiz include the introduction of members, establishment of business relationships, the offering of goods and services, sharing of successful tips and strategies, queries for resources and professional evaluations/advice. Discussions of ethics and practices may be acceptable, but are considered a by-product of the list and not its main focus.

We're here to do business, but we're here to have fun while we do it. That having been said, you should be aware that this is a moderated list, controlled by a benevolent dictator. Although you may get kicked off for any reason, the most prevalent crimes punishable for banishment are: annoying posts, questionable business practices, spamming, flaming, anti-social behavior or anything else that might piss off the list owner or diminish the atmosphere of people doing deals.

To be brutally honest, this list is NOT for beginners, although they are encouraged to join, lurk and learn before posting. Members should be serious about making the internet work for their businesses, rather than educating others about elementary business issues. While a certain amount of education benefits everyone, you should set your educational barometer at the "real world after college" level. Again, this list is NOT academic by nature or design. Posting a TIP on how to do business in a smarter way is as blatantly educational/self-promotional as you'd want to get (see #5).

Remember, too, that Frankel & Anderson provides FrankelBiz as a meeting place for you. Your membership, activity and participation is YOUR responsibility. BY SUBSCRIBING TO FRANKELBIZ, YOU HOLD HARMLESS ROB FRANKEL, FRANKEL & ANDERSON, INC., AND ANY OF EITHER'S STAFF, ASSOCIATES OR EMPLOYEES FROM ANY LIABILITY WHATSOEVER, IN ANY AND ALL MATTERS.

This is an on-line country club where we schmooze and talk and help each other make deals. List membership should be considered something like a Badge of Honor -- pinned on your lapel by Groucho Marx.

This is a Private List, meaning that no members' names or e-mail addresses are available for review or analysis by remote command. The membership list of FrankelBiz is considered the property of Rob Frankel/Frankel & Anderson and not available for public scrutiny or exploitation other than "embedded ads" which may support the list (see below).

Rob Frankel/Frankel & Anderson exclusively owns and retains the right to publish and re-publish any part or all of the content found on FrankelBiz. No other party may re-publish any content found on FrankelBiz without the express written consent of the list owner.

FrankelBiz is owned by Frankel & Anderson, a California corporation. It is operated by Rob Frankel. He can be reached at rob@robfrankel.com. Please direct any administrative or technical questions to rob@robfrankel.com. Back to Contents List

1. How do I subscribe to FrankelBiz?

Just click here!

2. How do I unsubscribe or change settings from FrankelBiz?

Same link.

If you have a problem, send email to rob@robfrankel.com. Back to Contents List

3. I am not getting messages, how come?

The list administrators are ruthless in unsubscribing anyone if there is a "mailbox full," "user unknown", "host unknown" or any other mechanical/internet error. The machine tries a number of times, and if it fails, it removes anyone whose mail is undeliverable. Normal transmission problems and delays will not cause you to be unsubscribed. The server will attempt to deliver mail to each user for up to 5 days, so an intermittent system problem should not cause you to lose messages or be unsubscribed.

If you want to see the latest postings, go to http://www.frankelbiz.com and follow the path to the FrankelBiz archive.

To determine if you are subscribed, simply send a "subscribe" message to http://www.FrankelBiz.com (see item 2. above). If you get back an error saying "already a member" then you know the problem is somewhere on the net, contact your provider. If you get back the "welcome FAQ" it means you had been removed and are now resubscribed.

Habitual offenders may be barred from resubscribing. If you feel that is your case, and you have been unjustly cast out into the ether, you may always plead your case for reinstatement to rob@robfrankel.com. Back to Contents List

4. How do I send and reply to messages on the list?

ONLY SUBSCRIBERS CAN POST TO THE LIST. once subscribed, you may send a message for review to be published to everyone on FrankelBiz, to http://www.FrankelBiz.com

If you are replying to a previous message, know that you should only send your email to the individual who originally sent the note. You should investigate the behavior of your email software by looking at what address is produced for the From: field. If the list address doesn't appear there you may type in the list address by hand, or possibly get your software to supply it by using a "Reply to All" command or icon, or a "Group Reply" function.

When you do reply, it's preferable that you cite the post to which you are responding so that the recipient can follow along. Back to Contents List

5. What are the guidelines for posting to FrankelBiz?

The best way to make this list work for you is by sharing the stuff that makes you and other list members successful at doing business on the internet, preferably with each other. That means sharing leads, ideas and opportunities with other members in the group.

Where possible, use a clear identifying tag in your subject line of your post. For example, if you're an exporter, and you know a smart way to save money on freight forwarding, your initial post might read "TIP: Bribe customs agents in dollars, not yen". Your post will help others on the list and will show off your expertise in a credible, friendly manner. TIPS can be about any business or marketing-related manner. The more you post, the better -- for you and the list.

List member are STRONGLY encouraged to share their FrankelBiz business success stories with the list. By posting your successful experiences with other list members to the list (with a tag like "THANKS, BETTY: Found three-toed sloth" or "RESULTS: Got a new computer cheap!"), you encourage other list members to come forward and participate. This is the purpose of FrankelBiz.

The following Dictator's Edict spells out the revised Acceptable Post policy for FrankelBiz, so please read it carefully:

Every post begins in the Moderator's Dungeon. If, after being flogged, it still passes the test, it makes it on to the FrankelBiz list. In order to make it on to FrankelBiz, its content must meet the following criteria:

A. Provide an opportunity for legitimately expanding business to network and build our web-connected businesses. That means you are seeking help from others with a business need you have. These messages should be preceded by "HELP" or "NEED" in the Subject header of the post.

B. Provide a solution for list members that you believe may be helpful. That means you have a product/service/ability that you believe can further the businesses of others on the list. It does NOT include self-serving messages that do NOT further the business interests of other FrankelBees. So for example, if you represent a shipping company and can get us all really cheap rates on Federal Express, we want to hear about it. But if you simply are looking to sell more bottles of Earthworm Droppings, you're out of luck, doomed to fester on the floor of the Dungeon with all the other rejected posts.

I recommend including a value-add or a discount offer to the list, but if you do, please make it meaningful and exclusive to the FrankelBees. None of this "Free air with every order" crap. I'd rather have NO offer and a compelling post than puffery.

C. Special Cases: As I always say, "Life is a branding problem." Not everything in life falls neatly into place according to plan. So there are some exceptions to the rules. Say, for example, that it's gift giving season and Earthworm Droppings are very popular gifts to give clients. In that case, you are providing a true service, because you are positioning your product/service/ability as a method of promoting others' businesses.

D. Requests for critiques of ANYTHING are prohibited (with the exception of Frankelinks), as are contests, recruitment posts (except to fill a position for your own business staff -- se Job Announcements, below), software downloads and posting on behalf of third parties. To post on Frankelbiz, you must be a registered subscriber, posting from the EXACT e-mail address with which you have subscribed.

Personal attacks, disparaging remarks or flames are not allowed on FrankelBiz -- unless they're REALLY FUNNY. That's the risk you take. So as the big guy says, "Don't be a schmuck." Stay cool and try to do business. A certain amount of emotion is acceptable, but an annoying, petty attitude can get you booted off FrankelBiz.

Incidentally, THERE ARE NO WARNINGS. A "gentle reminder" nudging at your email in box may appear, but list members are advised that death to the offender on FrankelBiz is swift and unannounced, and that the list owner is not obliged to fire off any kind of notification of impending doom. Like you would in any club, if you have an issue with any one member, take it outside, or in this case, off-list. E-mail the person directly so the rest of us don't have to put up with you.

This is NOT a forum for Multi-Level Marketing operations, Get Rich Quick schemes, contests, MAKE-MONEY-WHILE-YOU-SLEEP quackery or any other enterprise that the list owner may, at his own discretion, deem dubious, unethical, illegal or just plain stupid.

DON'T use the list address to signoff. If someone does this, ignore them. The list owner will take care of them.

DON'T send one-on-one conversations to the list. If the subject only concerns you and one or two intended recipients, send your email to your targets directly. This will generally require that you type in their address and not use your email 'reply' function.

DO include your REAL name and email address at the bottom of all messages to the list. Some mail systems don't include it in the headers AND FrankelBiz DOES NOT ACCEPT UNSIGNED OR ANONYMOUS POSTS. All posts must include the name of the real, live human being posting. Back to Contents List

6. Can I advertise on FrankelBiz?

For members, the answer here is a limited yes, but only if your product or service relates to offering a business opportunity. If you really want to advertise, there are two ways to go:

1. Big budget advertisers should check out http://www.RobFrankel.com/advertise.html for details.

2. Cheapskates can buy a one day Frankelink ad for $25; click here for details for details about Frankelinks.

You may also tag a header with "INTRO:" to introduce yourself and your company, or "UPDATE:" to let people know about an important development, but keep it within reason. Excessive use can really tick members off.

Your best bet for success on FrankelBiz is offering business opportunity as well as fulfilling them. If you offer business, someone else is bound to offer some to you.

If you feel the readers of FrankelBiz would benefit from an informative message you may do so, but keep it very short. Include contact information for interested readers.

The list owner reserves the sole right to embed a list sponsor's ad(s) in the header/footer of each post broadcast by FrankelBiz.

If you object to ads you see on FrankelBiz, please respond directly to the poster, not to the whole list .Back to Contents List

7. Can I post my resume or a survey?

The answer is "yes" for resumes, but only if you are an individual seeking employment for yourself. When you post your resume, include the keyword "RESUME:[position title]" on your subject line. For example:

Subject: "RESUME: Brand Manager"

Also include contact information in the body of the E-mail message for interested readers. Employment agencies and other third party postings are not allowed.

Surveys are not allowed on FrankelBiz, with the exception of those administered by the list owner. A low cost survey feature is being planned which will be announced. Back to Contents List

8. Can I advertise job announcements on FrankelBiz?

The answer is "yes," but only if your firm is the hiring company, or if you're helping another individual out. Recruiters and employment agencies DO NOT fall into this category and are not permitted to peddle their flesh. If you have any questions, contact the list manager at rob@robfrankel.com.

When you post your job announcement, include the keyword "JOB: [position title]" on your subject line. For example:

Subject: "JOB: Product Manager"

Include contact information in the body of the E-mail for interested readers. Back to Contents List

9. How do I change my subscription info?

Just log on to http://listserv.robfrankel.com:81/guest/RemoteListSummary/FrankelBiz and make your changes there.

10. What is the best way to pose a question/comment/suggestion to the list?

You can't. This isn't for discussion. It's for business opportunities and helping others to build their businesses. To post, however, follow these guidelines:

(1) Start by describing your business opportunity/situation. Tell the readers of FrankelBiz how you fit in to the opportunity and describe the need you are trying to fill.

(2) Describe the market factors, potential upside and downside. DON'T EXAGGERATE YOUR CLAIMS. We're all pro's here and can smell road apples from three miles out.

(3) Tell the list about your background and why you think your proposition is such a good one. If you have a need to be filled, ask the list for solutions, suggestions or leads. If someone helps you out, consider cutting them in on some part of the transaction. After all, this is business and you're entitled to it.

(4) If you need a connection to a person, industry, come right out and ask for it. Just be sure to explain fully why and what you need the connection for.

(5) If you're posting a TIP, explain how your solution is a smarter, more efficient method than usual. Mentioning the potential disastrous consequences of alternative methods, or telling your own experiences are helpful illustrations and boost your credibility. We rarely publish these.

(6) Offer the gang a special rate, deal or bribe. They're doing the same for you.

Remember that no one on FrankelBiz owes you anything. All participation is voluntary. Make your request entertaining rather than demanding. Back to Contents List

11. Archives/Frankel's Free Clinic

There aren't any archives available to the public.

Frankel's Free Clinic is a chat session held every Monday morning, from 9 AM to 10 AM Pacific Time. This is where Rob donates one hour of free consultation and where other FrankelBees join in and often make new business deals. You can view transcripts of past clinics at the chat site. Back to Contents List

Rob Frankel, Big Time Branding SM http://www.robfrankel.com

Mailto: rob@robfrankel.com

"Blind" E-Mail Addresses (such as "hotmail.com, yahoo.com and even fictitious AOL addresses) are usually ridiculed by list members! Your best results come from using a real e-mail addresses that reflects your true identity or business!

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