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Why I started the FrankelBiz transaction list.

Between the time you send your first e-mail sign your last client, you will undoubtedly run across a discussion list. For the uninitiated, a discussion list is where a bunch of people with a common interest e-mail their comments on a particular topic to a central server. The central server then broadcasts each message to the rest of the subscribers via e-mail, who in turn respond by e-mailing their own reactions, and so forth.

Discussion lists are great. They're fun. And for my money, they're the most overlooked, misunderstood marketing tool on the net.

The reason why discussion lists are such great marketing tools is that, by definition, they consist of your target audience. What a concept: incredibly high daily visibility in front of people who are motivated to do business in your particular field.

I love it.

When it comes to internet marketing and advertising discussion lists, some of the best are the Internet Advertising Discussion List, Market-L, Online Ads and International Business. All of these lists are devoted to discussing various topics of advertising, marketing and sales, with subscriber memberships that number from a couple of hundred to well over 11,000.

That's a lot of people. A lot of brain power. A lot of new business potential.

But the problem with most discussion lists is that all they offer is discussion. They've stagnated. They're throwbacks to the days when the internet was all about information-sharing. Focused mainly on talking about stuff, but never really getting on with the job of doing anything.

Oh, you always get chummy with a few of the regular posters (about 90% of all list members never post to the list). And you may actually engage in a couple of offline discussions that end up with a few pieces of business. But for the most part, it's nothing worth writing home about.

So here we go with the Grand Experiment.

In the interest of furthering the evolution of the discussion list, I'm taking it upon myself to launch FrankelBiz, the first TRANSACTION list on the web. And everyone reading this -- and even those who aren't -- is invited to jump on board.

What is a transaction list, you ask? Well, it's like a discussion list only more focused on doing things rather than just whining about them. It's a party where we rally the troops around a central server with the idea that there's strength -- and real, tangible, you-can-see-it-on-the-bottom-line benefits -- in numbers.

This is the first list designed specifically as a breeding ground for business development. An incubator for fostering business relationships, with benefits for members intended to go far beyond the intellectual contributions of its members.

Now, before any evil spammers get any foul ideas, let me stress that the FAQ's for FrankelBiz are not only funny, but incredibly strict. In fact, while part of the appeal of creating this list was the idea of creating an entity that actually transacted business, the real attraction was in the notion that I could kick off anyone for simply being obnoxious.

But I digress.

Surely I have my own reasons for starting FrankelBiz. First, I feel the internet has grown to the point where it's ready for a transaction list. There are more people with higher levels of interest out there, so if the concept ever had a chance for success, now would be about the right time to do it. Second, there are substantial sponsors who are starting to believe me when I tell them it's worth offering special rates to people who qualify for the "FrankelBiz discount."

Aha! I knew THAT would get your attention.

Okay, see what I'm talking about? Now, do you want to be a part of internet history or not? If you do, all you gotta do is go to and subscribe!. Or if you want to review the FAQ's before deciding to join, you can always find them at the FrankelBiz page on our website.

We know you can talk a good game. Now let's see how you play.

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