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Re-branding and re-vitalizing: RE/MAX Realtors

Originally, RE/MAX was an international real estate brokerage whose point of difference was allowing real estate agents to keep 100% of their earned commissions, as opposed to the standard 30% allowed by other brokers.   It didn't take long for the movers and shakers – the industry “high producers” -- to become RE/MAX agents.

RE/MAX's brand was executed only with a vague, meaningless tag line: “Above the Crowd.”

Third party research indicated something far more interesting, namely that “the average RE/MAX agent outperformed the average real estate agent by a margin of 3-to-1.”   That meant RE/MAX was “the maximum real estate had to offer” to its three most important markets:

  1. The consumer, who could purchase or sell a home faster.
  2. Agents who earned more from realtors, which made recruiting them easier.
  3. Franchisors, who realized that the real money was in recruiting and hosting RE/MAX agents, not sales.

The result was “The maximum real estate has to offer”. Which spawned programs and enabled RE/MAX to successfully invade Southern California where it previously could not flourish.   The brand strategy was featured in their print, radio and TV and has remained for years since.



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