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A funded start-up becomes a local brand.

The laundromat business is a dirty business. If you're wealthy, you can afford to have your items delivered. If you're not wealthy, you waste hours in a small, dirty public laundromat. But if you're in between, and want to buy back your leisure time, there's a service that will launder and dry clean your clothes in 24 hours. You register online, bring your laundry to a centrally-located truck, touch a fingerprint pad that wirelessly pays for your cleaning and walk away. The next day, you touch the fingerpad and pick up your items.

A great service, but prone to misinterpretation. The brand strategy for ProLaundry extended from naming the business, to defining its market and even into its operation. Guerilla marketing tactics included community programs, such as providing branded napkins to coffee shops located near subway stations. After all, commuters are people who value their time the most.

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